It's a complete solution (for Windows) to manage, publish and distribute your digital pictures

Do you have huge amount of digital pictures filling up your hard disk?

Do you want to organize your digital pictures, that you have so immaculately captured over the time, with the snap of your fingers?

Do you want to save all your articulate work and show it off by bundling your creations on a distributable media such as CD and then send it across the globe (or just next door) so that others may be able to view it without any pain of going through the installation process of viewer applications?

Do you just want to organize all your digital pictures grouped into albums and publish them on the web as a digital catalog of your picture albums?


Do you want to enjoy your collection in manageable and viewable digital picture albums on your PC itself?

If any of the above is yes then Photo Album Studio is the complete solution for you. It is a digital picture cataloging application that lets you organize your digital pictures in multiple groups (or digital albums) with each picture having its own individual short story (or caption). Once your digital pictures and albums are organized, you can build a digital catalog of your picture albums. This digital catalog (Photo Album Studio catalog) then can be shared with others by distributing this digital catalog on a CD or by publishing it on the internet to be viewed on the web. Yes! your digital pictures catalog is web enabled right from the word go.

This is possible becuase the digital picture catalog is built with the internet technology and uses HTML and JAVA which can be used to view your digital albums on any computer (any operating system) with a web browser that supports JAVA Virtual Machine.

Your choice of Photo Album Studio catalog viewers are:

  1. Easy Album (RM) viewer application (with shareware license)
  2. Java Album (RM) Viewer Application (with freeware license)

Both of these viewer applications are bundled with the Photo Album Studio application and use Internet Explorer 4.5 or above which is installed with the Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP system. The major advantage of the technology used in the creation of these digital album viewer aplications is that while viewing your digital albums you do not need to install any extra software on the target machine.

This application does NOT do any image editing like cropping, resizing, rotating and red eye reduction operations. You may use any of the tons of other sharewares available for this purpose (most of these functionalities are provided by the bundled software that comes with most of the digital camera and scanners). This application expects that you have all the prepared images of your pictures ready on your hard disk.
Let us face it, that you want to showcase and enjoy your fond memories captured in your digital pictures but you dread going to view your pictures but its a pain to go through the Windows Explorer and keep clicking each of the picture to view it.

Photo Album Studio provides you a perfect and complete solution for all such situations.